Open House Fun!

Open House Collage

On Friday, June 10th, New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper held an Open House employees’¬†friends and family! The Open House Started at 2:00 pm and lasted until about 7:00 pm and there were over 80 participants. All afternoon, families and friends visited the mill, and learned a thing or two! The visitors were given a tour of the mill by their loved one, or by another Ivex employee. During this tour, the visitors walked through the mill as the employee explained to them how to make paper! After the tour, the friends and family were invited to eat some hot dogs, bratwursts, chips, and desserts with us. During this time, the visitors talked with the employees, asked questions, and even watched a video filmed in our mill a few years ago! Before our friends and family walked out the door, each person was able to enter in a drawing to win various prizes! We had toys and games for children of various ages, and even had a patio umbrella to raffle off for the adults. And since there would only be four winners, we had New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper hats, water bottles, sticky notes, and pens for people to take home and remember this experience! The idea behind this Open House was to show our employees’ friends and family that we are proud of WHAT we do, HOW we do it, and WHO we do it with!

Open House Collage 2