Paper Calculators

Paper Calculators

Understanding U.S. paper specs and pricing can be a little bit like learning a foreign language. For instance a roll of 80# basis weight heavyweight industrial crepe is very different from an 80# cover in fine paper. Since we don’t see the language changing anytime soon, we thought we’d provide these nifty calculators to help translate. They will give you estimates to get you in the ballpark, but be sure to contact us or the supplier you’re working with to get the most accurate information.

Sheet Weight

Based on the sheet size (i.e. paper type), calculate the M Weight, ream weight and weight for a specified amount of sheets.

Roll Weight

Know your paper type, roll diameter, roll width & core diameter? Use this to estimate the weight of that roll of paper.

Linear Footage

Need to know how many linear feet you’ll get out of a roll? You’ll need basis weight, roll width, roll weight…and this calculator.


Calculate the total area of paper in a roll in MSF (thousand square feet) and MSI (thousand square inches).

Basis Weight ⬌ Metric

Calculate the metric (in gsm a.k.a. g/m2) equivalent from a known basis weight (in pounds) or the other way around.

Paper Type Equivalents

Have the basis weight for cover and need to see its equivalent in Ivex Heavyweight Crepe? Bond? You name it, you’ll find it here.

Background Info

Let’s start out with some basic definitions so we’re on the same “page” (see what we did there?):

Basis Size: The standard sheet size of a particular paper type that is used to determine its basis weight. Why different sizes? Way, way back-in-the-day, paper was made to whatever size best fit the printing press used for that application/industry.

Basis Weight: The weight of 500 sheets (a “ream”) of paper in its basis size, measured in pounds.

GSM: Stands for grams per square meter (g/m2) and is the one, standard reference measurement for all paper in most countries outside the U.S..

M-weight: The weight of 1,000 sheets of paper . In other words, 2 reams.

Ream: 500 sheets of any given type of paper, cut to its basis size.

Ream Weight: The weight of a ream of paper (500 sheets).

Roll: Most manufactured paper comes off a paper machine in large rolls. These are then converted (cut down) into smaller sheets that make up basis sizes, reams, etc.

Paper TypeBasis SizeReam Basis
Area (ft²)
Sheet Basis
Area (in²)
End Use Applications
Ivex Paper24″ x 36″3,000 ft²864 in²Heavyweight industrial crepe and kraft paper
Bond17″ x 22″1,299 ft²374 in²Writing paper, copy paper, forms
Book / Offset25″ x 38″3,299 ft²950 in²Textbooks, magazines, mail, brochures
Bristol22.5″ x 28.5″2,227 ft²641.25 in²Displays, i.e. Point of Purchase (POP)
Cover20″ x 26″1,806 ft²520 in²Books, catalogs, magazines
Index25.5″ x 30.5″2,701 ft²777.75 in²Index cards, file folders
Tag / Newsprint 24″ x 36″3,000 ft²864 in²Newspapers, coupons, flyers