New Indy – Ontario Mill

Just like Ivex Specialty Papers, New Indy also owns the Ontario Mill, which is located in Ontario with a population of 165,000 and is located 35 miles east of Los Angeles and 65 miles Northwest of Palm Springs. This mill was built by Temple-Inland in 1984 and started up in 1985 as a 500 tpd mill with 2 pulpers and is located on 57 acres of land. The plant provides jobs for 160 full-time employees and the mill operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. It was originally designed to produce 550 tons per day, but the mill now produces in excess of 1,000 tons per day. The mill also carries SFI certification and will soon have its’ FSC certification.

The Ontario Mill was acquired by New Indy in 2012. Since the formation of New-Indy, the Ontario plant has climbed into the top 10% of the containerboard industry in overall machine efficiency ranking, and has also made substantial capital investments that have resulted in significant improvements in both our sheet appearance and performance.

Ontario uses 100% recycled fiber in our manufacturing process. In addition, the mill purchase recycled water from the local utility and our processes conserve water by recycling it multiple times. The mill receives almost 60 truckloads of Old Corrugated Containers [OCC] on a daily basis.

The mill has had no environmental violations in over a decade and they believe their focus on environmentally conscious manufacturing processes and supply chain solutions will enable them to maintain a strong business presence in the state of California for many years to come. The environmentally conscious Ontario mill uses 100% recycled fiber to produce 375,000 tons of medium and linerboard each year off of a single 264 inch, two-ply machine that makes a range of grades from 23# medium to 56# liner. They use essentially 100% post-consumer recycled fiber in our manufacturing process.  The mill consumes 400,000 tons of recycled material annually.

Ontario has a 35 MW cogeneration power plant that not only provides 100% of the mill’s electrical power needs, but also supplies power to our neighboring IP box plant and thousands of CA homes and businesses through our partnership with Southern California Edison.  We can generate enough excess electricity to power over 8,000 homes.

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