Basis Weight / Metric Conversions

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Paper TypeBasis SizeReam Basis
Area (ft²)
Ivex Paper24″ x 36″3,000 ft²
Bond17″ x 22″1,299 ft²
Book / Offset25″ x 38″3,299 ft²
Bristol22.5″ x 28.5″2,227 ft²
Cover20″ x 26″1,806 ft²
Index25.5″ x 30.5″2,701 ft²
Tag / Newsprint24″ x 36″3,000 ft²

Formula Examples:

Metric to Basis Weight

Let’s find the basis weight equivalent for a ream of 120 g/m2 Ivex Crepe paper.

Basis Weight to Metric

Now let’s find the metric equivalent for a ream of 74lb Ivex Crepe paper. Hint: should match up with the example above.

Terms & Definitions Reminder

Basis Size: The standard sheet size of a particular paper type that is used to determine its basis weight.

Basis Weight: The weight of 500 sheets (a “ream”) of paper in its basis size, measured in pounds.

GSM: Stands for grams per square meter (g/m2) and is the one, standard reference measurement for all paper in most countries outside the U.S..

M-weight: The weight of 1,000 sheets of paper . In other words, 2 reams.

Ream: 500 sheets of any given type of paper, cut to its basis size.