This calculator will help you calculate how many thousand square inches (MSI) or thousand square feet (MSF) there are in a roll. One application where this might be useful is knowing how much material will run through a press. As always, use this as an estimation, but please contact sales for more precise information.


Let’s calculate the MSI and MSF for a roll of 45 lb Ivex crepe paper that has a roll weight of 1166 lbs.

Formula – MSI:

NOTE: MSI should be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Formula – MSF:

NOTE: MSF should be rounded to three decimal places.

Basis Sizes & Areas (used above):

Paper TypeBasis SizeReam Basis
Area (ft²)
Ivex Paper24″ x 36″3,000 ft²
Bond17″ x 22″1,299 ft²
Book / Offset25″ x 38″3,299 ft²
Bristol22.5″ x 28.5″2,227 ft²
Cover20″ x 26″1,806 ft²
Index25.5″ x 30.5″2,701 ft²
Tag / Newsprint24″ x 36″3,000 ft²

Other MSI / MSF Formulas:

MSF to MSI Conversion:

MSI to MSF Conversion: