Up Your Paper Game with this One Addition

Studies have found that color increases brand recognition by up to 80% and 92.6% of customers say visual factors were the most important when purchasing products. Think of Home Depot’s recognizable orange, Coca-Cola’s thirst-worthy red or John Deere’s inimitable green. The point is, color matters. It matters to end users, consciously or not, so it should matter to your business.

Experts estimate that humans may be able to see as many as 10 million colors. But, when it comes to color in the paper world, there is often a lot to be desired. Availability of standard colors is lacking and custom options can be severely limited. Many customers are bored by natural or white bags and are looking for a way to up their color game. Custom colors can tie into branding goals and provide a truly unique option. To keep your costs down, you will want to look for a mill that provides a variety of standard colors and at low minimum order quantities.

While color alone narrows the field quite a bit in terms of vendors, the quality of the color matters as well. Imagine a bag where color has been printed or laid on the outside of the bag, but the inside is the usual white or natural color on the inside. The ability to offer color through and through is limited to the unique processes used at a specialty mill like Ivex Specialty Paper. Equipment like online color gauges and lab gauges keep color in check during production. And breadth of experience should not be overlooked as well. Knowledge of aspects like opacity (overtinting and dyeback), lightfastness, fluorescent whitening agents, furnish, additives, equipment conditions and residence time can make or break a project.

One of the latest trending “colors”, or lack of color if you will, is black. Food items like meat or grapes can really pop against a black background. With our specialty coatings and through-and-through black color, we offer high quality black kraft paper to meet a variety of needs. Black kraft is also proving to be popular in picture framing, light barrier purposes, wrapping paper and other arts and crafts applications. Request a sample to see whether our black paper alone, or combined with crepe and/or coating will serve as your unique solution.

Whether it’s one of the 10 million colors we can see or black to enhance the color of a product, we’d love to hear from you. Review our list below of some unique applications for color and answer the question: What are some of the common and not-so-common uses for color you have seen in the industry?

• Paper kits with several different colors for home projects like holiday scenes
• Specialty match colors for ribbons, arts/craft projects, and gift bag stuffing
• Green kraft for toy railroad boards
• Black medium for blackberry boxes
• Black kraft for cosmetic boxes
• Bleach and tan kraft for imitation wicker for fans, furniture, and accessories.
• Yellow kraft for outer ply of cement bags
• Custom red for sewing tape on bag for branding identification
• Custom colors for dog food brands
• Pink butcher paper

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