Meet Our Team


Stan Biggs – Plant Superintendent 

48 years in the Paper Industry

“I hired in to the Peoria mill in 1969, spent 4 years in the Navy, then came back in 1975 as Machine Technician. I held numerous positions before taking over as Plant Superintendent. I am presently in charge of 30+ people including Shift Supervisors. I order all the mill chemicals and dyes, make up all the furnish and test specifications for orders, make up color specs for our new dye pump station and work with our scheduler to maximize run time. Many people have helped through the years and have all greatly impacted my life and choice to stay in the paper industry. I’ve enjoyed my career here and hope it will be around for a long time yet to take care of the people that care.”

Contact Stan via phone at (309)-686-3830 x 7124

Picture James Braswell (3)

James Braswell – Salesperson

46 years in the Paper Industry

Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a Minor in Marketing from Jacksonville State University

“I have been working in the sales for the Peoria Mill for 37 years, being able to watch the Peoria plant grow and undergo many changes. My career has been, and still is, a very challenging and rewarding experience all at the same time. The mill has employees that take ownership, great pride, and determination in making the Peoria Mill the best it can be and that truly makes the experience working here all the better.”

Contact James at his office phone: (256)-362-5159, or at his cell phone: (256)-493-4734

bob 2

Robert Pitts – Customer Service Representative

43 years in the Paper Industry

“I have worked in the Peoria mill for over 42 years. My first 22 years were in the union shop and my last 20 years I have spent in management. I consider the mill my home away from home. I thoroughly enjoy my job and the challenges it creates day to day. I also enjoy my fellow workers and consider this a team.”

Contact Robert via phone at (309)-686-3830 x 7114


David Wentzel – Technical Manager

33 years in the Paper Industry

Bachelor’s degree in Pulp & Paper Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

“I began working at New Indy-Ivex Specialty papers in April of 2016, as Technical Manager. In my role as Technical Manager I have focus on process and product improvement, as well as, product development. In the first six months of working at New Indy I have been involved in all aspects of the plant, and have enjoyed the opportunity to work with a group of people who truly care about the product they are producing, and the customers that they are serving.”

Contact Dave via phone at (309)-686-3830 x 7140


Ray Wolf – Shift Supervisor

29 years in the Paper Industry

“I have been working in the Peoria, Illinois Mill for the last 28 years. I am a supervisor who makes sure the crew is running the right order and I also check with the Beater Room to make sure employees are throwing the right furnish. I check pumps in the basement and also continuously make rounds to make sure every thing and every one is okay and safe at all times throughout the day. My favorite things about working in the mill are the people I’m surrounded by and the challenges I’m faced with.”

Contact Ray via phone at (309)-686-3830 x 7124


Angie Spann – Human Resource Manager

29 years in the Paper Industry

“I am the Human Resource Manager and Safety Coordinator at New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper. I am responsible for payroll, benefits, workers compensation, and other human resource tasks. I am also responsible for safety training and the safety programs at the Peoria Mill. I have been employed with the company for 28 years. I really enjoy the diversity of my job along with the interaction with all of the employees!”

Contact Angie via phone at (309)-686-3830 x 7110


Paul Gilbert – Assistant Plant Superintendent/Lean Coordinator

26 years in the Paper Industry

“ I have been working at the Peoria Mill for 24 years. I started as an extra man and worked my way up to Shift Supervisor and Assistant Plant Superintendent. As a crew leader I am responsible for employee safety, performance, and the quality of the product. Everyday can bring a new challenge and my favorite part of working here is learning from each challenge as a team. The friendships and loyalties I’ve found here make this a great place to work.”

Contact Paul via phone at (309)-686-3830 x 7124

Barb (3)

Barbara Ness – Salesperson

25 years in the Paper Industry

Bachelor’s degree in Paper Science from Western Michigan University

“Since I began my amazing journey in the paper industry over 23 years ago, I have had the pleasure of working in all its phases including sales, production, technical service, and product development. With Ivex Specialty Paper, I am thrilled to be working with our customers on sales and new business development. We have an incredible team at the Peoria Mill that works smart, is creative, and absolutely dedicated to providing our customers with top notch service and the highest quality products. It’s an honor to work with such great people!”

Contact Barb via phone at (360)-216-6484

Chris Kranz – Shift Supervisor

22 years in the Paper Industry

“I’ve been in the paper industry for the past 22 years, the last 12 years being with Ivex, and the last 8 of those years as a shift supervisor.  My main responsibilities are scheduling of the mill employees, ensuring all personnel are working safely and responsibly, maximizing machine output while upholding quality, overseeing the mill’s effluent costs and maintaining all data. I recently completed a color school class through XRITE to expand my knowledge of our color control system at the mill as well. I enjoy working with the entire team at Ivex on all the daily challenges and opportunities that come our way.”

Contact Chris via phone at (309)-686-3830 x 7124

IMG_2751 (3)

Nick Gioviannia – Project Engineer

6 years in the Paper Industry

Applied Science/Mechanical Engineering Associate’s degree from Illinois Central College and a Bachelor of Science/Manufacturing Engineering from Bradley University

“I recently started working at New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper in the Spring of 2016. My role within the company is project engineer. I am responsible for any new equipment installations and also overseeing the maintenance department. I enjoy the diversity of work that comes with the position, which allows me to learn something new almost everyday to build knowledge of the paper mill!”

Contact Nick via phone at (309)-686-3830 x 7129

Thad Edmonds – Controller

1 Year in the Paper Industry

Bachelor of Science in Finance from Miami University and a Master of Business Administration with a focus in Operations Management and International Business from the University of Cincinnati.

“I have over 26 years of experience in the financial and accounting industries with over 15 years at a senior manager level of responsibility. As the Controller, I handle all of the accounting responsibilities. My favorite things about working at Ivex are working with such a dedicated group of people and learning the process of making specialty papers. Even though we are part of a larger organization, we are able to remain flexible enough to be able to meet our clients’ ever changing needs.  The amount of experience amongst our staff is truly remarkable.”

Contact Thad via phone at (309)-686-3830 x 7115

bill 2

William Platt – General Manager 

41 years in the Paper Industry

“My first job in the paper industry was in Alabama in 1977. This remarkable industry has taken me to Wisconsin, Alabama, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, and finally to Ivex Specialty Paper in Peoria, Illinois. I have had the opportunity to work in wood yards, pulp mills, utility operations with boilers, turbines and evaporators as well as paper machines, coaters, and converting equipment of all shapes and sizes. The work is exciting for certain, but the people are really what makes it all worthwhile.”

Contact Bill via phone at (920)-284-1665

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