6 Reasons Crepe is the New Kraft

Some sources on Wikipedia, date the invention of paper back as early as 2nd century BC in China. Over thousands of years, the process has been refined, improved and extended to include new processes, specialty grades, advanced coatings and more. While kraft dominates in many markets, we would like to shine a spotlight on some reasons we believe industrial crepe really is the new kraft!

1. It’s Flexible and Stretchable 

When it comes to packaging odd-shaped products, crepe is the clear winner. It can work around all sorts of shapes and materials and provides a much better stretch than kraft.

2. It’s Potential for Better Built-In Slide Angle 

While we cannot currently confirm or deny the claim that there is an inherently better slide angle in crepe than in kraft, it deserves investigation. Some folks in the industry predict that certain crepe grades could perform as high as a 45 degree slide angle. We are currently running trials for promising applications in non-skid applications. If you have interest in a natural, non-coated, anti-skid sheet, let us run a trial for you!

3. It’s SOOOO Soft Texture

The look of crepe lends itself well to a very organic aesthetic. Many clothing, crafting and even food companies that are in the organic/green/natural arena enjoy it as an alternative to kraft that contributes to their brand identity. Think sewable materials, tags for clothing, etc. Typically the first sheet customers pull from our sample folder is a crepe sheet.

4. It’s Insulating Properties

In addition to being a flexible solution in packaging, crepe also won’t transmit electrons, making it a great product for electrical insulation. The air gap from the wrinkles in the crepe eliminate direct contact with an electrically-charged product to protect it during transport. One of the more recent applications we have encountered is bushing paper.

5. It’s Nonallergenic 

Ok, so kraft is technically “nonallergenic” as well, but bear with us. A new trend in event flowers is to make them from paper, specifically crepe paper. The soft, delicate feel of the crepe can fool all of your guests into thinking you spent a small fortune at your local florist. In reality, you have a nonallergenic, less expensive paper version that is just as beautiful. And, BONUS, flowers like these by Lia Griffith won’t wilt or die.

6. It Has a Greater Surface Area for Bond

In applications where you need to carry more resin/adhesive without penetrating the pore structure of the sheet, crepe is the key. Next time you curl up to a good book, you can thank crepe for a better binding!

Even with all of these additional benefits over kraft, crepe still can be made from recyclable material, be produced in a wide range of colors and it’s printable! We encourage you to take stock of your products that are currently made using kraft and think outside of the box. Maybe our crepe could be a new solution that meets your functionality requirements, but adds one of these or other benefits as the cherry on top.

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