Paper Coating What We Can Do

Our off-line air knife coater that we have here at New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper is something we are very proud of! There are two types of coating that we can apply to our paper at this point in time. The first type of coating that we do is a silicone coating for carpet seaming tape (pictured above). After we coat our industrial crepe paper with silicone coating, our paper is then sent to a carpet tape manufacturer, and they take it from there!

The second type of coating that we do in our Peoria, IL mill is grease proof coating. We apply this grease proofing mainly for the dog food industry, currently. As we know, dog food contains a lot of grease, therefore dog food bags are made primarily out of poly. The bags are sewn shut with Ivex’s industrial crepe paper tape, and we grease proof the inside of the paper so the grease from the food doesn’t seep outside of the bag and stain the bag or other things around it. Ivex Specialty Paper plans on expanding our coating capabilities in the future, and we also hope to serve more industries with our current coating capabilities!