You Don’t Want 50,000 Tons of Paper…And That’s OK

Sometimes, less is more, right? In a world where it seems like big machines, large capacities and gigantic revenues rule it’s hard to imagine a place for small to medium-sized businesses. But, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, companies employing fewer than 500 people:

  • Account for 99.9% of all firms
  • Represent 97.6% of all exporting firms (32.9% of total known $ value)
  • Generate 3 out of 5 net new jobs 
  • Employ 47.8% of all private-sector employees
  • Tend to be homegrown, are bootstrappers and are all about family – nearly 1 in 5 firms are family-owned

In the paper industry it’s no different. Many companies do not need or want to buy the enormous amounts of paper necessary to do business with large corporations. We see this in our business every day – customers looking for high quality paper and willing to pay more per unit for less volume. Especially if the paper is purposefully made with their end-use in mind. There is a place for small businesses and the companies that serve them. So, the next time you need to order in “rolls”, “single-digit tons”, or fewer “truck-loads”, give us a call