Why/How We Control Color!

labColor. When we think of color, there are endless amounts of shades, tones, etc. Here at New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper, color is extremely important to us, but making our color consistent is even more important. Color variation is our worst enemy, and we always seem to defeat it. How do we make sure color variation isn’t a problem? We do this through our color measurement and control process that begins with setting standards for each color. Ivex offers a wide array of colors for each type of paper that we produce! Our Industrial crepe is offered in black, white, yellow, green, blue, pink, red, orange, brown, and natural. Our lightweight Kraft paper is offered in yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, green, dark blue, and light blue.

Making sure our colors are consistent every time you order is one of our main priorities. Like stated before, each shade has its own standards. We use the Hunter L, a, b Color Solid Model (pictured left). The L=100 is white, L=0 is black, –a is green, +a is red, -b is blue, and +b is yellow. To explain this simply, if the shade has too much red, more green is added (vice versa). If the shade has too much blue, more yellow is added (vice versa). When our paper machine switches colors, sometimes it takes longer to control the color and get the standards right, but we don’t stop until it’s perfect! We want to make sure the tons of paper you order from us are all the same color! We don’t want you questioning what shade you will get next, we want to make sure you are confident in what you will receive from us, time and time again!