• Design teams are limited to 5 students (undergraduate and/or graduate), 1 paper science faculty advisor (could be engineering, forestry, paper science, chemistry, or other technical expertise) and 1 business faculty advisor (could be marketing, finance, or business for instance) Note: Faculty advisors are not required, but encouraged.
  • Each school with at least 1 participating team will be sent 2 rolls of paper to be used in the competition. The rolls will be 36” wide and 100” long. If more rolls are needed, please make your request through
  • The design must fall within the New Indy Ivex Specialty Papers’ technical capabilities. Some are listed below and additional specifications can be found on the Ivex website under Products:
    • Machinery available includes:
      • Paper machine
        • Bleached, Natural and Colored Crepe and Kraft Papers
        • Basis Weights ranging from 40# to 150# per 3,000 square feet
        • Specialty Kraft Papers with Calipers from 7 to 15pt.
      • Off-Machine Coater
        • Produces Silicone Coated, Grease Resistant and Specialty Coated Papers
        • Air-Knife Coater allowing for a wide range of coat weights
      • Converting Department
        • Numerous slitters with a slit width capability down to 1”
        • Maintains a wide variety of standard width Crepe Paper
      • Several saturated markets are off limits for this competition including: bag closures, book binding, carpet seaming tape, interleaving, filter paper, polycoated sleeves, and foot slippers.
      • Provide a one-page executive summary about the paper solution that gives a description of the product and why it meets the requirements of the competition and should be chosen as the winner.
      • Submit a Go-To Marketing plan that includes what market(s) the paper is intended for, research about that market/markets and a value proposition around why the product will win out over other products in the areas of technology, quality and sustainability.



  • Each team will have access to an Ivex employee with technical expertise for a limited, defined time during the competition. The amount of time, when and method of access (in-person meeting, video chat, phone call, email, etc.) will depend on the amount of teams registered for the competition, types of intended projects and availability of Ivex employees. Details around this resource will be determined and communicated to students within 7 days after the registration deadline.
  • Each team will have access to 2 rolls of paper at their school (as outlined in the Rules/Requirements above).
  • School resources and machinery are available upon request and when not in use by classes and labs. Individual school policies should be followed by student teams.
  • New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper mill visits may be available upon request for students to see machinery, talk to technical experts, etc. during the challenge.
  • For any questions around the Specialty Paper Design Challenge or requests for additional resources or help that Ivex can provide, please contact:



  1. Design/Prototype (35 points)
    • Machinery required to make design/prototype
    • Drawings, 3D renderings, other design elements
    • Testing, sampling, other quality control elements
    • Overall quality and completeness of prototype
  2. Mid-Project Report & Use of Resources (15 points)
    • Progress made towards essential milestones
    • Projected work plan to reach additional milestones that align with the final submission requirements
    • Use of offered resources – academically and thorugh New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper (additional explanations provided under “Resources Available” and more detailed information throughout the competition)
  3. Go-To Market Strategy (25 points)
    • One-page executive summary
    • Plan for product positioning and marketing
    • Explanation of benefits of design and technical capabilities
    • Market research for product
  4. Completed Registration Forms including Team Contact and Certificate of Originality Forms (Required)



Submissions are required to be submitted via email to (maximum size of 10MB). Prototypes may be sent via mail to the address below and must be POSTMARKED by the final submission deadline (Monday, May 1st 2016).


New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper
1 Sloan Street
Peoria, IL 61603


File naming for documents must be in the following format: Team Name_docname.pdf ex: NewIndyIvex_MidProjectReport.pdf ; Team Name_image#.jpg ex: NewIndyIvex_image1.jpg



The judging panel may consist of a combination of professionals from New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper, industry specialists and members of academia who are not directly involved with the competition.
Disclaimer: If for any reason the competition is not capable of running as planned, New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, delay, modify, or suspend the competition. Ivex further reserves the right to disqualify any entrant who tampers with the submission process or any other part of the competition.