Press Rebuild Inside Ivex

Here at Ivex Specialty Papers, we are always looking forward to the future and seeing what is next for us! In July 2014, our Peoria Mill rebuilt the press section on our paper machine. The installed equipment replaced a press section that was mechanically loaded with hand positioned weights with the original installation dating back to the 1930’s, so it was time for some updating! The new press section is a modern design with pneumatic loading and comprises of rebuilt reconditioned equipment from two different mills in Ohio. The replaced press would actually vibrate the frames above certain speeds and had critical rolls that dated back to the early 1960’s. The new press section is designed for speeds up to 1,000 fpm and creates a uniform loading nip across the sheet. This press rebuild is just one of the many recent changes at Peoria in order to improve the quality of paper to its customers. We are excited for these updates and we are thankful for our hard-working, dedicated employees that make sure to get the job done well and efficiently!