Our New Outer Ply Crepe Bag!

If there is one thing unique about New Indy Ivex Specialty Papers, it’s our reluctance to say “no!” We are always willing to try new things with the amazing capabilities of our current paper products. The most recent product that was developed with our specialty crepe paper is this Outer Ply Crepe Bag. This bag is made entirely out of our crepe paper and our crepe tape is sealed across the top of the bag, as well.

One of our current customers, who has seen what Ivex Specialty Papers can do with paper for the last 4-5 years, came up with the idea for this bag, and this customer is extremely satisfied! We got this bag going about six months ago and the idea has been on-going and in progress ever since. The bag was completely finished in December, and we finally got out hands on our own Outer Ply Crepe bags with our new logo so we can show people the awesome capabilities and opportunities this bag can provide!

The basis weight for the Outer Ply Crepe Bag is 70 lbs. It has an artsy look and feel to it, and can be made out of any of our crepe colors to really stand out! The bag is anti-slip and extremely easy to handle. The Outer Ply Crepe Bag truly is for specialty occasions or for people willing to stand out above their competition!


Crepe Bag Collage 2