New Indy – Hartford City Recycling

hc rec 3A few weeks ago, we shared information of New Indy’s Hartford City Mill. Another one of Ivex’s sister companies is Hartford City Recycling – which is actually a recycling facility, rather than a mill! Hartford City Recycling was acquired by New Indy in June of 2015 as part of the Forest Resources acquisition. The Kendallville, Indiana facility first opened as a paper recycling facility in 1977, (Migler, Inc) with three employees. Over the years the facility changed ownership from Migler to Pratt Industries to HCP Recycling and now New-Indy Hartford City Recycling. In the formative years the facility processed and shipped with its small trucking fleet approximately 2,500 tons per month. The facility employ 16 drivers, 3 mechanics, 2 warehouse employees, 2 office administrators, an Operations Manager and a General Manager. Now with a fleet of 16 trucks and drivers, NIHCR ships on average 11,000 tons of OCC into the Hartford City mill. They currently bale around 250 tons per month of OCC at our plant. The facility delivers on our trucks roughly 85% to 90% of the Hartford City Mill’s OCC needs which equals around 11,000 tons of OCC each month.