New Indy Containerboard’s World Tour

On September 1st, New Indy Containerboard, Ivex’s owners, started a new event for the Health and Wellness Committee. Ivex is always trying to stress the fact that health and safety is our main focus, so this challenge that New Indy Containerboard (NICB) proposed sounded like the perfect event for us to get involved with!

The contest/event is called the World Tour! The World Tour is a combined effort between all New Indy Containerboard locations, which are the Ontario Mill, Hartford City Mill, Oxnard Mill, and of course, our Ivex Specialty Papers Mill. The idea of this event is to “walk around the world!” Along the way, there are six milestones until we reach the final destination of Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. The World Tour starts in Boston Massachusetts and then together, NICB will walk 3,842 miles to Machu Piccu, Peru. Then we will walk all the way to Cape of Good Hope South Africa which is 6,459 miles away. We will then walk 4,431 miles to the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. Next, we will walk 3,275 miles to Northern Light Iceland. The second to last stop is 4,650 miles away from Iceland and that is Mt. Fuji, Japan. The last and final stop, Disneyland, is 5,473 miles away. NICB will be walking a total, if not more, than 61,886,000 steps!

Steps will need to be recorded on a weekly/monthly basis and each person will need to provide proof! Any employee can get involved if they choose to do so. Since the challenge has started in September, Ivex’s very own Customer Service Manager, Bob Pitts, has “out walked” every single person involved in the NICB World Tour challenge every month! In the month of January alone, Bob walked over 800,000 steps! He sets a great example for all NICB workers to stay active and healthy

The results for January were just reported and we are almost there! NICB has walked a total of 50,828,057 steps! We have almost reached our overall goal of 61,886,000 steps and it has been a fun challenge while doing so. We are excited to continue our healthy paths and maybe get involved in more challenges like this.

World Tour 2