Ivexs Light Weight Kraft Paper

New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper takes pride in all of our products, and we love sharing information about our Light Weight Kraft Paper! Our Kraft Paper comes in four different basis weights and eight different colors, plus black and white. The 85 pound basis weight Kraft Paper is primarily used for book binding. The paper is used to hold pages to the book, making sure the book doesn’t fall apart. The 60 pound basis weight Kraft Paper is mostly used as a base for tape. Adhesive is then applied to one side of the paper, to make a tape just like masking tape. The 50 pound basis weight Kraft Paper is used to wrap paper towels, napkins, etc. Lastly, our 40 pound basis weight Kraft Paper is used to make 6 inch diameter counter rolls.

As stated before, our Kraft Paper is offered in eight different colors (plus black and white)  that you can see pictured above and below! We offer yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, green, blue, light blue, and (not pictured) black and white. We have numerous standard colors with no minimum order quantity, but our color match capability has a 10,000 minimum order.

All of New Indy Ivex’s papers use recycled fibers and is recyclable, which is something we are incredibly proud of. We remain committed to sustainability. Ask about our Kraft Paper today!

Kraft Paper