Industrial Crepe – What is it?

Crepe Paper 2New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper is a unique paper mill because of our focus on Industrial Crepe paper. Our paper mill in Peoria, IL is a “Specialty Paper” manufacturer that produces Crepe, Color and Coated paper from recycled fiber. Our customers find our Crepe paper to be extremely fascinating because of the properties it holds. The Industrial Crepe has a high stretch, folds well without tearing, is extensible, soft and pliable. The paper also has some give when the paper is used as a bag closure tape and is sewn together on a bag. In our mill, the Industrial Crepe can be produced in a wide array of custom or stock colors like pink, red, yellow, blue, natural, white, black, etc (pictured left). The rolls of Industrial Crepe are available up to 72 inches wide and as narrow as 1 inch widths. This unique paper can also be coated with silicone or grease resistance coating. Lastly, Ivex likes to remind our customers that our Crepe sheets are, along with our other products, made with recycled fibers – and renewable natural resources.

Something that our customers value most about our Crepe Paper actually has nothing to do with the paper at all. When customers order through Ivex, they already know the product is going to be great with the specific properties needed. Ivex’s service and customer orientation is the secret to our success. We offer same day shipping on many of our products – ask us how to set this up to meet your continuing needs.