Freaks & Misfits: Forgotten Until Needed


Innovation is born out of the unordinary. New ways of thinking, out-of-the-box designs, unique approaches…everyone else thinks you’re crazy, until you change the world. The paper industry has been around for A LONG TIME. It’s easy to get set in ways and a little rusty. People are worried about cutting costs, meeting productivity goals and winning business. But, at the end of the day, what matters is whether you solve pains for your customers. Whether you guide them to the solutions that make life easier. When those needs are out of the ordinary, it can be hard to find a mill that can help. At Ivex Specialty Papers, we welcome the “freaks and the misfits”. These weird paper requests face hurdles like small order quantities, specialty colors, crepe and coatings…oh yeah and the customer needed it yesterday. 

Next time you are dreading calling mills for custom quotes or you can’t figure out who to go to for your non-commodity paper, do yourself a favor: call us. We are going to help you one way or another…and, at the very least, you’ll get a quick, needed break from the ordinary.