CPR Class for Ivex Employees

New Indy Ivex Specialty Papers is always proving how seriously we take our work environment. The health and safety of our employees’ is our number one focus. Without healthy and safe employees, there’s no way we can uniquely satisfy all of our customers, time and time again. We want our employees to feel safe while they are working and also feel like they are surrounded by safe people.

In order to maintain this safe environment, Ivex tries to hold a first aid/CPR class every year. This class allows any Ivex employee to come in on their Saturday off work and get CPR certified – for free by a Getz Fire Equipment Company professional and licensed staff member. The class lasted around 6-7 hours and 13 of our Ivex employees attended. After every CPR class we host, our employees express how much fun they had and how great they feel after. This class really makes our employees feel safe and helpful.  With this proper CPR training, Ivex employees are not only surrounded by a safe workplace, but they are now surrounded by CPR qualified workers that will be available in times of need. We can’t wait for next year’s class!

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